Warsaw Piano Grand Prix

Dear friends!

It is my genuine pleasure to welcome you all to Warsaw for the first edition of the Warsaw Piano Grand Prix, which is being organised by CMDI Group, and will be taking place between the 29th of April and 2nd of May 2023. 

CMDI has always worked to support and promote talented young artists so as to foster their growth and help them reach the next stage of their professional careers. We have always believed that large-scale competitions are one of the best avenues to help musicians achieve the global recognition and exposure they deserve, and are thrilled to bring such a high-level contest to Poland for the first time.

Moreover, this inaugural edition of the Warsaw Piano Grand Prix also forms part of the ’14 Ways to Dubai’ initiative, a two-year project consisting of 14 international piano competitions held around the globe, with the five top-ranked participants in each event being invited to compete at the third edition of the ‘Classic Piano’ International Competition which will be held in Dubai, UAE, in 2024. This means that success in this competition will not merely lead to plaudits in its own right, but also provide the opportunity for the pianists to achieve even bigger milestones, as they go head-to-head with other champions in Dubai.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our local and international partners in this endeavour, without whom none of this would have been possible. Lastly, I would also like to extend my gratitude to our esteemed jury members, whose professionalism and commitment to the young generation of pianists is truly unmatched. Collectively, this board represents some of the brightest stars in the international piano world, and I am honoured that they have chosen to join us here.

May this experience prove to be a memorable and enjoyable one for all, especially our participants, regardless of where they will ultimately rank. This competition aims to provide an effective platform for you to not only showcase your technique, skills and professionalism, but also your personality and knowledge when interpreting the compositions you will be performing. I urge you all to make the most of this opportunity and take as much from it as you can to aid you in your musical journeys. 

Good luck and success to all, and may you all have an unforgettable time in Warsaw!

President of "Warsaw Piano Grand Prix" International Piano Competition
Mr. Konstantin Ishkhanov